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I also have a Garion/Zakath 4-part series I wrote as presents for my sister. It's friends-locked because of its high rating. If you want to read it, you can friend me, I can email it to you, or if you have an Archive of Our Own account you can read it there- I made it readable there only to AO3 users.

There's also a friends-locked Ivan Vorpatril/Miles Vorkosigan PWP my sister wrote.

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Title: A Ghostly Christmas
Author/Artist: sostrata
Recipient: brighty18 for rs_small_gifts 2016.
Rating: PG
Word count: 3940
Summary: Remus, Sirius, and Harry spend their first Christmas together after Voldemort's defeat. Ghostiness ensues.
Prompt: Christmas ghost story/mystery
1. The backstory is that Voldemort was defeated at the end of Harry's 5th year. This is the first Christmas after that. It begins after Sirius has picked up Harry for the holidays.
2. I used the tradition of British Christmas ghost stories, and played around with the tropes.
3. Awesome beta by shaggydogstail

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Title: Christmas 1982
Author: sostrata
Characters/Pairing: Remus/Sirius, Harry
Written for: Laura/ llpotter during the rs_small_gifts fest of 2007.
Rating: I dunno, PG-13
Disclaimer: Property of Rowling
Prompt: "AU raising Harry Christmas 1982"; other prompts- blankets, Christmas carols, hot chocolate, an evening by the fire
Notes: As the prompt suggests, it is the Christmas of 1982, the year after Voldemort's defeat. Remus and Sirius are raising Harry.

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Sirius Black

Fic: The Sidhe

Title: The Sidhe
Characters/Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Rating: PG
Words: 1654
Written for: autumn 2007 prompt #29 (Sidhe) at barefootboys
Setting: It's the end of October during book 4, and Sirius is staying at Remus's.
Disclaimer: Property of JK Rowling ::stamp::

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